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The Healthy Choice

Chicken Stir Fry

What can be better on a hot summer afternoon than a nice and easy chicken stir fry? It’s quick, delicious and very easy to make even if you’re not very handy in the kitchen. Making the best chicken stir fry Pro tips: You can replace the veggies in the recipe […]

The Healthy Choice

Perfectly Grilled Chicken

Summer’s in, at least in the northern hemisphere. It is widely known that our appetites are suppressed during hot weather and having that in mind, we usually choose fresh produce and fruit to consume during hot days. I can eat salads and barbecue meat for days on end because they’re […]

The Healthy Choice

Summer Tomato Soup

So this is probably hands down my favourite summer food. I absolutely love ripe summer tomatoes, especially when my mum grows them. Juicy, full of flavour and vitamins, they make wonderful salads, aaand most importantly soup. Here’s how I make it. Creamy summer tomato soup: It’s so luscious and rich […]

The Quickie Bites

Homemade Pretzel Dog

Hey guys, hope you’re all well and hanging in there a bit more. To help with that, I’ve tried a pretty fun and delicious recipe – the mighty pretzel dog. Now this recipe makes about 8 dogs but you can double it easily if you want more. Enjoy them with […]

The Guilty Pleasure

Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream

Just look at that chocolatey richness, gooeyness and creaminess. You can’t get a more delicious ice cream than this, and it’s incredibly easy to make. But I must confess, you do need some sort of ice cream machine, even if it’s a cheaper one, it will help a lot with […]

The Baked Goods

Fresh Homemade Bread

It has been over two months since we’ve been self isolated in our homes and everyone’s been coping in the best way that they could. For me, it was cooking and baking – my delicious new passion. Having this in mind, I’ve created the absolute best bread I could ever […]

The Guilty Pleasure

Strawberry Pavlova Cake

More and more strawberries are appearing in our local groceries’ stores and I just couldn’t help myself making this sweet, fragrant and fresh dessert. My mother sent me a truckload of organic eggs from her chickens and one evening, craving something sweet I decided to jump at it, although I […]

The Baked Goods

Homemade Bread Buns

Hi guys, Long time no food posts. I am terribly sorry about that, but for the past few months I had other “buns” cooking and that kept me pretty busy. But no matter, no matter, I came back with a delish new recipe that will take your sandwich game to […]